Funding Requirements in a Business Plan

… our funding requirements are …

The previous section on existing investors, set out what money the business had so far and who has already invested. This next section, the funding requirements section, explains how much money the business now needs, when is it needed, and what the business plans to do with it.

The summary given in the funding requirements section should be consistent with the rest of the business plan. The amount needed, and when it is needed should follow from the detailed financial projections, and the purpose of the funding, sales and marketing, hire of employees, to achieve a milestone etc. should again link in with the rest of the plan,

Funding Requirements Presentation

The example below shows the funding requirements information, giving summary details of when the funding is needed, for how long, the amount, and a brief comment on what the funds will be used for.

funding requirements
Funding Requirements (Click to enlarge)

This is part of the financial projections and Contents of a Business Plan Guide, a series of posts on what each section of a simple business plan should include. The next post in this series is the final section, and deals with the planned exit for investors.

Notes and Warning
The rules regarding the raising of finance from potential investors are complex and vary from country to country. Professional advice should always be taken before discussing or issuing a business plan.
Funding Requirements in a Business Plan October 5th, 2016Team

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