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A startup business needs to decide how the equity in the business is divided between the founders and the investors.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the founders, in addition to their cash investment, also need compensating for other matters such as the original idea, the amount of time they invest in the business at reduced or zero paid salary, and factors such as their contribution to the business plan, domain expertise, commitment and risk, responsibilities etc.

Based on the information provided, this simple startup equity calculator calculates the percentage equity each investor and founder should receive. The calculator allows for up to five investors and two co-founders.

startup equity calculator v 1.0
Startup Equity Calculator Preview

The startup equity calculator is used by entering details of each investors and founders cash investment in the business. In addition, for each founder, the business needs to consider how to calculate sweat equity.

How to Calculate Sweat Equity

The startup equity calculator allows for a three items in the sweat equity calculation.

  1. A percentage to be allocated for the original idea, this percentage is based on the total amount of cash invested by the founders and the investors.
  2. Compensation for time spent at reduced salary levels is allowed for by entering a rate equal to the difference between the market salary and the amount actual paid, together with the number of months the founder spends at this reduced rate.
  3. An additional line is also available in the calculator to allow a fixed amount for such items as their contribution to the business plan, domain expertise, commitment and risk, responsibilities etc.

Startup Equity Calculator Download

The startup equity calculator is available for download in Excel format by following the link below.

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