Production Capacity Calculator for a Business Plan

This free production capacity template can be used to estimate the machinery, production facilities and labor resources required by a manufacturing business to enable it to make sufficient product to satisfy its forecast sales demand and inventory levels.

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Product Positioning Map Calculator

The product positioning map calculator provides a quick and easy method to produce a perceptual map showing how the products of a business and its competitors fit into a target market. The calculator allows details of up to ten products to be entered.

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Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Calculator

The free cash flow valuation calculator can be used to value the operations of a startup up business. The calculator uses the free cash flow generated by the business and discounts this at its weighted average cost of capital.

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Cash Conversion Cycle Calculator

The cash conversion cycle calculator works out the number of days in the cash cycle of a business. It estimates the level of inventory, accounts receivable, and accounts payable needed for a given level of trading operations and determines the funding required to finance working capital.

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Profit Improvement Calculator

The profit improvement calculator shows the impact on net income of making percentage adjustments to the product selling price, unit cost, unit sales volume and operating expenses. Minor adjustments to each of these four key areas can have a significant impact on the net income of the business.

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Convertible Note Calculator

The convertible loan note calculator shows the effect on the capitalization table of new equity investment when this triggers the conversion of a loan note. The calculator takes into account the impact of any discount or cap contained within the convertible loan note agreement.

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Pricing for Profit Calculator

When a business raises or lowers the selling price of its products the unit sales volume of the product changes.

This free pricing for profit calculator can be used to calculate the increase in unit sales volume needed to compensate for a change in selling prices while maintaining a constant gross profit level.

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Effect of Sales Discounting Calculator

When a business offers a sales discount to customers its gross margin percentage will fall. If the gross margin percentage falls its overall profit will be reduced unless revenue can be improved.

This free effect of sales discounting calculator can be used to calculate the increase in revenue a business needs in order to maintain its current gross margin.

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Weighted Average Price

This weighted average price calculator will help you to estimate the average product selling price of your business for use in the Financial Projections Template.

Normally a business will have a number of product lines and know the selling price on each. To calculate the weighted average product selling price for the business it is necessary to weight each product selling price by its corresponding sales mix percentage.

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