Quality Assurance

Definition of ‘Quality Assurance’

Quality assurance, sometimes abbreviated to QA, is a process applied by a business organization to try and guarantee product quality, and includes quality management and quality control.

Quality management refers to the administration procedures put in place by the business to ensure that quality assurance systems, standards, and policies, are adhered to, it focuses on improving the process used to create the product.

Quality control focuses on the end result, the physical process of checking the product during manufacture to ensure it is free from faults and defects.

Quality can refer to many facets of the product, for example, in software quality assurance, factors such as satisfying customer requirements in relation to cost and service might be considered. Software quality assurance management techniques includes processes and procedures showing how to test and develop the software product, and how to prevent faults from being developed. Software quality control is the process of physically evaluating the software to find faults and suggest improvements.

For further information see the Wikipedia quality assurance definition.

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