Website Conversion Rate Calculator

Only a small percentage of eCommerce website traffic actually converts into paying customers, increasing the conversion rate can lead to a significant increase in the number of transactions and revenue from a website without having to increase the number of visitors.

The website conversion rate is the number of paying transactions divided by the number of visitors. This website traffic conversion rate calculator helps a business to calculate the current conversion rate and to compare transactions, and revenue resulting from a change in conversion rate following optimization,

Website Conversion Rate Calculator October 5th, 2016Team
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Website Traffic Revenue Projection

The starting point for any website traffic revenue estimate is the amount of traffic reaching your website, this can be estimated using the techniques discussed in our website traffic estimator post.

Having estimated the amount of traffic, in this post we are going to use this figure as the first line of the website traffic revenue projection (available in PDF format at the link below) and apply the following techniques.

Website Traffic Revenue Projection October 5th, 2016Team
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Website Traffic Estimator

We have recently been working on a Financial projection for a Web based Start-up and thought it would be useful for other entrepreneurs to get an insight into what’s involved in modelling the first part of any web based projection, which is traffic to the website. In a later post we’ll be discussing how to use this traffic projection to produce a sales forecast. We’ve deliberately simplified this projection as we don’t believe in over complicating our projections, but feel free to use it and add to it as you see fit.

Website Traffic Estimator October 5th, 2016Team
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