Traction in a Business Plan

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What is Traction?

Traction simply refers to how well your business idea is being received by its target market place. The traction section of the business plan aims to show significant ‘historic’ milestones indicating evidence of success to date. The aim is to show the investor that your idea is working, that the business is being moved forward and ideally that customers are prepared to use and pay for the product.

It is normal top pick a few key metrics which are considered to be good indicators of success in your chosen industry. For example, key metrics might include, paying customers, revenue, users, or churn rates. In the absence of trading activity the traction section might list significant business plan developments e.g. the launch of the product, formation of an important supplier partnership, the launch of a website or the hiring of key staff.

There is no set style, but traction can be simply shown in a three column format with the columns headed Event, Comment, and Date. Each line then represents a significant success in the development of the business idea.

Traction in a Business Plan
LaunchProduct launched and well received at industry trade fairDec 17
1,000 usersReached 1,000 free users, growing at 20% per monthMar 18

This is part of the financial projection and Contents of a Business Plan Guide a series of posts on what each section of a simple business plan should include. The next post in this series is about presenting key metrics in your business plan.

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