Monte Carlo Simulation Calculator for Startups

This free Excel Monte Carlo simulation calculator uses triangular distributions to randomly select values for sales volume and unit cost and using fixed values for selling price and operating expenses, calculates the average profit for a startup business based on one thousand iterations of its profit model.

Monte Carlo Simulation Calculator for Startups October 17th, 2018Team
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Pre and Post-Money Valuation Calculator

This free Excel pre money post money valuation spreadsheet uses the amount of equity investment required by a startup and the equity percentage negotiated with an investor to calculate the post money valuation and the pre money valuation of the business.

Pre and Post-Money Valuation Calculator November 8th, 2018Team
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Profit Sharing Calculator for a Startup Business

A startup business often pays a profit sharing bonus to its employees. The bonus is based on the net income of the business which is calculated after deduction of the profit share itself and taxation. In addition the business may decide to deduct an amount of net income required for its operations before the calculation of any bonus profit share. This free Excel calculator can be used to calculate the profit share bonus.

Profit Sharing Calculator for a Startup Business June 21st, 2018Team
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Distribution Channel Margin Calculator for a Startup

A business needs to understand its distribution channel and in particular how the total margin made on its products are allocated between the various partners. Understanding the channels allows a business to for example calculate a required manufacturing cost from a retail price or a wholesale price from a given cost.

This free Excel channel margin calculator can be used to calculate the margin at each step with the distribution process.

Distribution Channel Margin Calculator for a Startup November 7th, 2018Team
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IRR Calculator

The IRR or internal rate of return is a means of evaluating a project by finding the discount rate at which the net present value of the cash flows from the project is equal to zero.

This IRR financial calculator is used by entering cash outflows as a negative number and cash inflows as a positive number. Year 0 is the start of the project and usually represents the initial investment and is normally a negative cash flow. The following years represent cash flows at the end of that year.

IRR Calculator March 13th, 2018Team
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Leveraged Buyout Model Calculator

A leveraged buyout is a business purchase transaction involving the use of debt finance. This free leveraged buyout model Excel calculator can be used to estimate the investor return of an LBO transaction.

Leveraged Buyout Model Calculator June 7th, 2018Team
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Economic Order Quantity Calculator

The economic order quantity is the number of units of a product a business orders or manufactures in order to minimize its ordering (batch setup) and inventory holding costs. This free excel calculator can be used to calculate the EOQ.

Economic Order Quantity Calculator March 5th, 2018Team
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Customer Acquisition Cost Calculator

For a business to be successful the lifetime value (LTV) of its customers must be greater than the cost it pays to acquire a customer (CAC). This Excel calculator provides an estimate of the cost to acquire a customer, its lifetime value, and also three CAC ratios which make it possible for the business to ensure its financial model stays within acceptable parameters.

Customer Acquisition Cost Calculator October 19th, 2018Team
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Working Capital Needs Calculator

The working capital needs of a business reflect the amount of funding required to finance operating assets such as inventory and accounts receivable offset by credit obtained from suppliers and other liabilities. This calculator provides an estimate of the total working capital needs and the percentage it has to revenue.

Working Capital Needs Calculator July 19th, 2017Team
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Other Liabilities Days Calculator

In the financial projections template other liabilities represents amounts owed in respect of operating expenses, finance costs and income tax expenses. This free Excel financial calculator calculates the other liabilities days outstanding by entering details of the expenses, number of days in the accounting period, and the other liabilities balance.

Other Liabilities Days Calculator July 19th, 2017Team
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Monthly Recurring Revenue Calculator

This free MRR saas calculator can be used by a business to help forecast the monthly recurring revenue it has based on customers at the end of each month for the next 60 months. It also allows the number of months to reach a target revenue level to be calculated and shown in graph format.

Monthly Recurring Revenue Calculator July 10th, 2017Team
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