Startup Death Valley Curve

The startup valley of death curve or startup J curve plots the cash balance of a business against time. A lean startup business can be identified by the shape of its curve during the bootstrapping period.

Startup Death Valley Curve June 15th, 2018Team
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WACC Formula – Cost of Capital

The cost of capital for a business is the average of the cost of equity and the cost of debt. The weighted average cost of capital formula (WACC) takes into account the level of debt and equity finance used to fund a business to calculate its true cost of capital.

WACC Formula – Cost of Capital November 21st, 2018Team
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Leveraged Buyout Model Calculator

A leveraged buyout is a business purchase transaction involving the use of debt finance. This free leveraged buyout model Excel calculator can be used to estimate the investor return of an LBO transaction.

Leveraged Buyout Model Calculator June 7th, 2018Team
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Enterprise Value vs Equity Value

Enterprise value (EV) and equity or market value (MV) are two different terms used in the determination of the value of a business. Enterprise value is the value placed on the net operating assets of a business by all stakeholders, whereas equity value is the value placed on all assets of the business less its net debt by equity holders.

Enterprise Value vs Equity Value February 23rd, 2018Team
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Optimum Capital Structure for a Business

The capital structure of a business is the mixture of equity and debt it uses to finance its operations. The optimum capital structure is one which minimizes the weighted average cost of capital and thereby maximizes the valuation of the business.

Optimum Capital Structure for a Business November 21st, 2018Team
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Convertible Note Calculator

The convertible loan note calculator shows the effect on the capitalization table of new equity investment when this triggers the conversion of a loan note. The calculator takes into account the impact of any discount or cap contained within the convertible loan note agreement.

Convertible Note Calculator September 14th, 2018Team
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Convertible Loan Notes

Start-up businesses use convertible promissory notes to raise seed capital finance as they avoid the difficult process need to value the business valuation. The loans are repaid by the issue of new shares to the noteholders.

Convertible Loan Notes October 17th, 2018Team
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Crowdfunding and Financial Projections

Crowdfunding is a technique for a business to obtain finance in which small amounts of funding are raised from a large number of people (the crowd). Crowdfunding can be either rewards, debt or equity based depending on the requirements of the business.

Crowdfunding and Financial Projections October 5th, 2016Team
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Monthly Lease Payment Calculator

This monthly lease payment calculator works out the monthly payment (Pmt) needed at the end of each month taking into account the cost of the asset (C), its residual value (R), the lease interest rate (i), the number of payments (n), and the number of advance payments (a) required by the lease agreement.

Monthly Lease Payment Calculator October 5th, 2016Team
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Loan Repayment Calculator

This loan repayment calculator works out the regular payment (Pmt) needed to repay a loan (PV) in n periods using a periodic interest rate i. The repayment is assumed to be made at the end of each period.

Loan Repayment Calculator October 11th, 2018Team
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Loan Amortization Schedule Calculator

This free loan calculator with amortization schedule can be used for any loan up to a maximum term of 3,650 payment periods.

The calculator will produce a loan amortization schedule and calculate the periodic repayments due on the loan together with the total amount repayable and total interest payable over the term.

Loan Amortization Schedule Calculator March 13th, 2017Team
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